Yogaahhh Style

Yoga is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.

Try doing this simple seated twist today:

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, right leg in front of left.
  2. Lengthen your spine, open your chest, and your shoulders are                                                  back and down away from ears.
  3. Inhale, then exhale as you twist your body to the right with                                                        your head following your body.
  4. Don’t jam your spine and keep both sit bones on the floor.
  5. Stay for 5-8 breaths, then inhale and come back to center.
  6. Put your left leg in front and repeat on the left.

Yogaahhh Style

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5 thoughts on “Yogaahhh Style

  1. Hi again! I`m currently doing research on warming up the muscles before an exercise routine. I have it in my head to just do the stretches which increases the range of motion of the muscles I want to use and then there is the warming up of the muscles. The latter, especially, is something I have forgotten to include. Yikes! Looks like I`m going to need a number of warm up exercises to look up before I brisk walk tomorrow. I hope your Sunday is beautiful so far – the sun, warm weather, quiet, etc.

  2. Today is gorgeous! Hope your day was wonderful too!! I think as long as you walk at a slower pace for 5 – 10 minutes, that would be considered a warm up for your brisk walk. Just don’t want to “run right out-of-the-gate”, you know?

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