Push, Pull, And Get Fit!

Resistance tubing is an affordable way to add strength training into your workouts.

The thicker the tube or band, the more challenging it will be.   Tubing with handles is easier to hold and more versatile.  First, check the tube for any tears  by running your hand over it – you don’t want it snapping in half.  I’ve learned the hard way!

*These 2 exercises below are great to start with.

Wrap tubing around a tree (or stable surface) pushing one handle through the other handle to anchor it.

If you would rather do this inside, then edge tubing inside the door and shut it.  The side where door is attached is usually tighter (see picture below).


Tubing 1-Arm Rows (Pull)

Start with tension on tube and pull elbow back.  This is a back exercise (latissmus dorsi) and works secondary muscles, the biceps.  Don’t grip handle too tight – you’ll turn it into a forearm exercise.  Try standing on one leg to emphasize core stability (and ankle strength).

If balancing on one leg is too challenging, shift most your weight to your front leg.  Then lift back heel up.


Tubing 1-Arm Chest Press (Push)

Notice I have the tube under my arm, thumb locked on handle.  It’s easier on your shoulder this way.  Abdominals in, and keep pressing shoulders down away from ears as you push the handle forward.  This will work primarily chest (pecoralis major) and also hits triceps.  Can you stand on one leg while pressing arm forward?

Perform exercises slow and controlled.   You should feel fatigued after 25 repetitions.  If you don’t, then stand further away from your anchor point!

Have fun!

*Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.


8 thoughts on “Push, Pull, And Get Fit!

  1. “Can you stand on one leg while pressing arm forward?” Great idea and something to try for sure…I learned the hard way, never allow the kids to hold one end of the band, long painful story 😉

  2. Yes! If you can do one leg the whole time you are pushing or pulling the tube – that is such awesome core work!! Your foot will wobble. You are trying to fight that instability of the leg – that’s how you increase your muscle awareness (stability).
    My son is just now discovering all sorts of fun things to do w/ my bands! I’m sure I’ll have many painful stories to come myself!!

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