Have A Ball And Some Fun!

Ever used a volleyball, soccer ball, or medicine ball in your fitness routine?

* By challenging your body in ways you aren’t use to, you build coordination, and help reduce your risk of injuries.

Squat with Ball Toss

Beginners:  Don’t squat down too far. Do a modified squat until your strength and flexibility improve.

Advanced:  Get your booty down.  Your hips are parallel to your knees, and you are not rounding your back.

Need more of a challenge? Try this exercise with a light medicine ball (increasing weight as you are successful with your form).


Ball Burpee

Beginners:  Squat and just bring one foot back to a lunge while reaching ball towards ground. Then stand on toes for a calf raise (no push up and no jump – see below).

Advanced:  Grab that medicine ball but you must land soft to absorb shock!


Medicine Ball Toss

Only do this exercise if you are intermediate to advanced.

Facing sideways, like pictures above, works obliques (side of waist).

You can also face forward, lift ball overhead, and slam it into the floor to work rectus abdominis (front of waist).  Uhh, you’ll probably want to do these outside – just a thought!

*Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.


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