Get Active Today, Boys!

Summer is coming!  Is your body ready for it?

Do some cardio – your choice – anything that gets your heart rate up for an                                 extended period of time.  Burn calories, strengthen your heart, and fit into                                     those summer clothes!

Work with different levels of intensity (how hard you work).

  • Low intensity (can say 10 words without catching your breath)
  • Medium intensity (7 words)
  • High intensity (you can only say 4 words before taking another breath)

*Warm up 5 minutes low intensity, then add:

  1. 2 minutes medium (intensity), 1 minute low : repeat 3x’s total
  2. 1 minute medium, 1 minute high, 2 minutes low: 2x’s total
  3. 30 seconds medium, 30 sec high, 15 seconds medium, 15 sec high: 2x’s total

Cool down 5 minutes low intensity = 30 minute workout!

Just starting out?  Do warm up and first step, then cool down.  Remember, your                            body benefits from even 1 minute of exercise!

*Please consult with your physician before starting any new fitness program

Get Active Today, Boys!


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