Stand Up For Abdominal Training

You don’t always have to go to the floor to do core exercises.

*Change it up and try these standing exercises  to train all muscles between hips and ribs.   Higher repetitions for endurance (20+) is best.  You want your midsection as lean as possible (I’m assuming I’m not the only one).

Step Back w/ Lateral Reach: Step left foot back and simultaneously reach overhead to right – across the mid line of body.  Abdominals pulled in, chest lifted, and hips stable.

Rainbow Reaches:  Stupid name, but that’s what I think of when I’m doing this exercise!  Reach both arms overhead, shift weight to one leg, and lean body to side (like picture above).  Use your core to stop the momentum (pull in tight), drop arms, and return back to center.

Dumbbell Overhead Circles:  This will work shoulder mobility also. Start slow and with a lighter weight.  Increase speed, reps, and weight as you are able.  The focus is to keep core as still as possible as your arms move around your head.

Dumbbell Baseball Swings:   Elbow comes up to shoulder height (see first pic).  Second, pivot off back foot swinging your “bat” forward (abs in tight and keep pressing shoulders down away from ears), then bring weight down in front of body.  Increase speed, weight, and reps and you are able.

Come on guys, summer is coming!  Stand up and get lean!

*Get doctor’s OK before starting any new exercise program.


7 thoughts on “Stand Up For Abdominal Training

  1. First of all can I just start by telling you that I love the header pic on this blog. Wonderful and tons of fun! And second these are great exercises. I am so adding this into my routine! Thanks for the wonderful detail and pics. 🙂

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