5 Stretches You Should Do Today

Admit it – you don’t stretch after your workouts!

So, you know what I’m going to say next…the cool down portion of your workout is equally as important as doing the actual “work”.

Start your cool down by lowering your intensity for 5-10 minutes.

Then do static stretches for 20-30 seconds each, to stay limber and reduce your risk of injuries.

Here are 5 basic stretches you should always do after cardio (or after a leg-focused workout).

1.  Quadricep Stretch (front of thigh):  Don’t have your knee angled out to side.  If you can’t grab your foot, rest it on a bench or higher surface.  Abs in, chest lifted (spine neutral), bent knee pointing down, and don’t lock out your standing knee.

Hamstring Stretch

2.  Hamstring Stretch (back of the thigh):  Don’t round your back, keep the leg straight, and reach your heel away from you.

Calf Stretch

3.  Calf Stretch (back of lower leg):  Your hips are squared off to the wall, rock, or whatever you are facing. Have your toe pointing forward on the back leg – not angled out to side.

Runner's Lunge

4.  Runner’s Lunge (hip stretch):  Keep your back leg straight.  Square your hips off.  If you right leg is forward, don’t let your waist shorten on the right side and try to push your right butt cheek down. Lenghen through both sides of your waist.

Adductor Stretch

5.  Adductor Stretch (inner thigh):  Feet wider than your shoulders.  On your straight leg, keep driving that hip/sit bone down.

Promise me that you’ll try to stick to this basic stretching routine?!   Your body will thank you.



8 thoughts on “5 Stretches You Should Do Today

  1. I would ove to find a rountine that stretches every muscle in your body when you are done – I really like that you show the wrong way – I will try these before I go on my next hike. Thank you so much.

  2. That’s the trick, isn’t it? To do the stretches before and after the workout. After brisk walking I go to a coffee shop for tea. That’s how I cool down (hehe). Seriously, though, I do cool down this way.

    What is the benefit of stretching my muscles after a workout? I get why before the workout but never heard of stretching afterwards and the benefiits of.

    On another topic…something must be not working right with the Google browser because I tried to open one of your discussion and I just get a about:blank on the web address section. Anyways, I’ll be using IE from now on. Nice pics and definitely helpful for someone who needs a visual for the stretches.

    • Thanks for feedback on google browser – I’ll look into it. Back to the stretches, it’s actually more important to stretch after your workout. Your body moves more efficiently the more flexible you are around your joints (unless you have a problem with hyperflexibility). I do that too sometimes though – Starbucks as my cool down. Just don’t do it all the time. 🙂

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