Trail Fun, Walk or Run

*Warm up with walking for about 5 minutes, 

do 2 sets of 10 dynamic walking lunges,

and  2 sets of 10 step-out lateral squats.

Now hit the trail!    Here comes the fun part! Keep your eyes open for obstacles that you can use for balance or strength components.  If a smaller log comes up – pretend you are a gymnast and improve your balance. Walk forward, backward, and sideways. Next, jump off crazy (but land soft).

If you come across a bigger tree stump as you are running or walking, try lateral butt kickers.  Keep your hands on stump, and jump side to side kicking your butt each time. Your abs are in and your shoulders stay down away from your ears.

K, keep running to that next tall stump and do step ups.  Your knee shouldn’t be higher than your hip as you step up though.

Do 10-25 reps on each leg.  Make sure you cool down after your workout going at a slower pace for at least 5 minutes – even if it’s a cold day. Stretch legs from all that hard work, holding each stretch for at least 20 seconds (next post will be on stretches – stay tuned).  Have fun!

*Please consult with your physician before starting any new fitness program.


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