Ouch! Grab The Peas, Please!

Spring break is just around the corner for some of you.  Whether you are planning a golf trip, a bike ride, or even walks on the beach, sh- I mean- injuries happen.

RICE it!

We’ve all heard the acronym.  Most people understand rest, compress, and elevate, but many seem unclear on how to ice.

An ice pack or even a bag of frozen peas can mold nicely to injured areas to reduce swelling and relieve pain.  Please use a dry paper towel, or wet washcloth as a protective layer to avoid skin damage!  I’ve seen this many times – clients actually burning their skin.

Stop icing when your skin starts to feel numb and no area should be treated longer than 20 minutes.

The amount of time you spend icing really depends on the area. Areas where the skin is thinner/ less body fat (ankle or wrist) should obviously be less time than an areas that are thicker.

See your physician and get a specific diagnosis for your injury.  It can help speed the healing process if you know and understand exactly what it is you are dealing with.


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