Climb Stairs For a Tight Tush!

Climbing stairs is a great way to get in some interval training.  Interval training is simply going from a lower intensity of cardiovascular exercise (going downstairs) to a higher intensity (going upstairs) and repeating for a set amount of time.

*Sample Stair Workout

  1. Warm up by going just half way up and coming down at a slower pace.  Still at a slower pace, perform a set of bigger steps (skipping one or two steps) to stretch the muscles dynamically.  Then go 3/4 of the way up at a  comfortable pace.
  2. Do 1-5 sets of full stairs at a comfortable pace (sets depend on how many stairs you are working with).
  3. Do cross-overs (facing at a 45 degree angle – crossing back leg over front) for 5 to 12 steps – then face other direction.  1-2 sets at a comfortable to moderate pace.
  4. Skip every other step.  1-4 sets at a moderate pace.
  5. Fast pace – hit every step for a flight followed by stepping every other step for a flight.  1-6 sets high intensity (still can say at least a 4-word sentence though).
  6. Try one leg lead for coordination  (back it to a moderate pace).  Step up right leg, left leg meets right, then repeat (say “right – together – right – together”…if you can say it, you can do it).  Perform 5-12 steps with right leg, then switch to left leg lead. 1-2 sets.
  7. Perform wide step ups.  Picture a clock, stepping at “10” and “2” as you climb. 1-2 sets back at comfortable pace.
  8. Cool down by walking flat for 3-5 minutes and always stretch afterwards.

If you haven’t done this type of workout, please only start with 1-2 sets of stairs total and work your way up.  You don’t want to fry your calf muscles and not be able to walk the next day.  It’s not worth it!

*Remember to see your physician before starting any new fitness program.


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